Combining the unapologetic, in your face, DIY ethos of the street wear lifestyle with the rambunctious and energetic, rebellious yet playful nature of children… Little Giants Giant Shorties (L.G.G.S.) makes quality, modern day goods for your children inspired by youth cultures of the past and present.

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Little Giants was created for parents who do not subscribe to the status quo. Having been influenced by at least one of the subcultures within the ‘streetwear’ lifestyle, and whose taste in fashion may not have conformed to the “norm” of their parents. We have no problems with our children being as fresh as us.

It’s quite simple…we make clothes for our shorties that we would want to wear.

We speak the truth on how we see things and stand on our square unequivocally. Our thoughts and opinions are real, our own and come from our lifestyle and culture expressed outwardly to the world via our products.

Soccer moms won’t like us and that’s peace!

And so it begins...

Pictured above is our family: Wifey, myself, and our son, Knowledge.

He is the catalyst of why Little Giants was created and the reason her and I continue each day. We started out with one-off onesies and shirts we made for him, because at the time we couldn’t find much in the baby space that was fly but also spoke to our likes and cultural interests.

This led to other friends, fellow parents and peers enjoying the stuff so much that a demand formed to create more…and so we did.  Those in turn were quickly scooped up and enjoyed by other street culturally minded families and this kept on going and going, eventually leading us to where we are today…literally a modern day, small family business doing it for their first time….working hard, making mistakes…learning and grinding each day to grow this little thing of ours as best as we can.

The Products

We strive to make cool shit for your little ones from our perspective…for our peers and their kids. We don’t care about anyone else’s opinion of it.

Quality over Quantity.

This we passionately subscribe to….perhaps too much.

In any case, extra effort is placed on making our products worth your hard earned money, both in quality and in execution.  They are produced in limited quantities and attention is paid to the pieces over profits.  We try to make them as affordable as possible, while providing a standard that we are proud of and can stand by.

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