“ABC’s for the Little g’s” The Remix (Board Book)


Following up to our infamous ABC’s for the little g’s education board book now comes…The REMIX!!

All new images for all 26 letters by David Park.

Sneaker culture infused into learning the alphabets, produces a new and alternative way of teaching/learning the letters for your little ones. If you have the OG version you will definitely want this one sitting right next to it.

If you love sneakers and street culture and have children this one’s made specifically for you and yours. Modern day fun for the modern day family!

Limit to 3 copies per customer.

DISCLAIMER:   We felt it was important to address the content of the letter G of the book given everything that has happened as of late.  This book was printed in November of  2018.  Shipping times via boat/vessel literally takes months, coupled with logistics issues and customs hiccups prevented us from obtaining them earlier and releasing them sooner.  This was all done well before the ignorant, insensitive and downright foul actions of Gucci.
We are a very small, independently owned company and our investment into this book was substantial; so much so that not releasing the book due to the current events would have been catastrophic for us and not an option if we wish to continue to exist as a company so our only option was to release the book with the content for letter G to remain as is (for this printing only).  If you have seen or own our previous book, then you know that for over two years the letter G in our book stood for Gucci and this is nothing new or recent. When we chose to remix the image but keep the letter we had no idea of what the future held and was done so last year.
We by no means whatsoever condone, co-sign, endorse or approve their actions.  We are a minority owned company, the founders are African American and Latino and woke enough to know what happened was unacceptable and with subsequent printings of this book the letter G will be changed and will no longer use Gucci sneakers.
We completely understand if you choose to not purchase the book.  We also understand if you’d rather wait for the next printing to acquire it.  Peace.

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  • Abc’s for the Little g’s THE REMIX
  • Children’s Board Book
  • Illustrated by David Park
  • ISBN: 978-0-9985322-2-6
  • Learning Letters
  • 28 pages
  • All new images for each letter/sneaker

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