“My First Skateboard Book” by Karl Watson


One of the pillars from which modern day Streetwear emanates is Skateboarding and Skate Culture.  We have no qualms about not only acknowledging this but believe it as actual fact.  And so it stands in our opinion that we should pass this knowledge down to the youth, to our youngest ones, regardless if you skated in your past or not…if you’re a sneaker head, a streetwear or fashion head or just a hiphop head,  enriching your little ones with an understanding and appreciation of Skateboarding will lead them to be more well rounded child and adult.  Who knows …they may even pick it up and learn to love it themselves and will reap many of the benefits that come with skating first hand.

It is these benefits and the lessons that are learned from skating that is covered in this book.

Written by a legend, a great father and overall good brother, the OG Karl Watson (@karl_watson_).

Although cosigned and sold throughout the skate world we wanted to bring it to you all, our audience and extended family, that may not have easy access to a skate store or may not frequent one often.   We will never put anything on our site that we don’t feel is top notch in quality or undeserving of spending your hard earned.  This book should be a must have in both of these regards and a great addition to any child’s assortment of literature.

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  • My First Skateboard by Karl Watson
  • Hardcover
  • Illustrated by Henry Jones
  • ISBN 978-164136415-7

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