The “Baby Biggie” Jacket (Ketchup)


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Inspired by the OG

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Our Ketchup and Mustard pack has been aptly named to represent two of the sauciest options that go hand in hand with one of NYC’s most known and infamous foods…the frankfurter aka the hot dog.


While the adult version was 700 fill, ours is filled and is simply Too-ILL.

Removable Hood

Removable hood via a hidden zipper enclosure. Provides two ways of rocking it, both equally wavey.


You don’t have to wait till it’s warm to stunt on them, our SNOW-Flex Performance shell allows your little one to stay warm and flex on em, at the same time!

Made for 
the little g’s

Being inspired by and forever paying homage to Street Culture and Hip Hop, combined with us being based in New York City, it made perfect sense to produce this jacket.  The infamous “Biggie” coat, an underground NYC staple, has been reinterpreted and reappropriated this time strictly for the little g’s.

While the adult versions have long been out of production, a few new, very limited and exclusive releases of the Biggie for adults has caused a resurgence in the awareness and demand for both the old and new ones and has thrust the Biggie onto the radar and into the streetwear zeitgeist at large.

Hands down our best cut and sew product to date, the quality on these is crazy and something that has to be seen and felt.  We are very proud of how they came out and know you will enjoy and appreciate them as much as we do.  Purposely made slightly oversized, not only to capture the proper look and fit of the jacket, but also and more importantly so that your shorties can get more than one winter’s worth of warmth from it.  Made in limited numbers and available only while supplies last.  We know these aren’t for everyone but available to all.

If you know…you know!!

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