Queen Bee Onesie (Black)


We hear it all the time…complaints from parents our age and younger, ones who lived through Hiphop’s golden ages about the current state of where the music is, complaints about mumble rap and just complaints in general about the youth and how they’re ruining the culture. We end up sounding just like our parents and olders sounded when we was teenagers and they just couldn’t get “it”. But one thing I see different is when you actually sit with the youth of today and take the time to learn where their heads are at and give a chance to really speak to them and educate/put them onto the music and artists we hold near and dear they don’t shun it and from what I’ve seen they’ll keep it a buck and actually enjoy the music and aren’t anywhere as close minded to our stuff as we are to theirs.

I say all that to say you can’t diss what the youth like and not offer them an alternative. And if you’re gonna give them an alternative why not put them onto some of the greats that made a mark in our lives?

That’s one of things we have been hoping happens with our Brooklyn Zoo Capsule with @cleofus. All of the kids may know Jay-Z for being Bey’s husband, but many don’t know Jay for real, don’t know HOV! Most don’t know a thing from Big Daddy Kane…or anything from Busta outside the song with Breezy or even Lil Kim the Queen Bee outside the controversies surrounding new female MC’s being inspired/bitting looks of hers from years passed. So as we pay homage to some of these greats on these designs we hope that a little bit rubs on those little giants wearing the garments and they come to at least respect and acknowledge those that laid a foundation and pioneered during their time for the youth of today to prosper and kill it financially with the music as they are doing today. And if a few of them pick up some gems, learn a new flow or appreciate the lyricism that went into our Hiphop the capsule has done its job.

For those not completely familiar or want a refresher course on the inspiration behind this particular design do your ears a favor and enjoy the source material:

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  • 100% black cotton
  • printed artwork
  • woven label
  • sized 3months – 18months

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