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📖ACTIVIST: one who advocates or practices activism; a person who uses or supports strong actions in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. 📖

Confession #2 Although I love our culture to the core I won’t hold y’all…there are some aspects of it that, if we keep it a buck, we have to admit that they aren’t the most positive or well suited to be soaked up by our Little Giants at their current age and mental development. And I myself, just like many of you all, may from time to time overexpose them to these things on accident or without us even realizing it, but they do-they soak it all in. Some of it is inescapable as it’s become part of modern day life, and I’m no angel and won’t front, I like trees just as much as the next man, BUT HipHop’s current fixation with hard drugs, real drugs (notably pills, drank, etc,etc) over the past decade or so has gotten out of hand. We’ve lost ALLOT of real ones from it and it’s been normalized to the point our youth seem to see no issues at all with any of it. And this is NOT PEACE.

We don’t care who you are, and how much you partake in whatever your vice is personally.  As parents I know that you would rather have your child focus to Lead rather than lean, to become an Activist over actavis. This is the underlying idea for this shirt.  No one is judging you as an adult…we just want your kids, my kids, all of our kids to be greater than ourselves in every possible way! Even showing them to take our negatives and turn them into positives.


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*100% Cotton White T-Shirt

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