Little g Wing T-shirt (Heather)


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Doesn’t matter if you’re relatively new to the gear game or like us, some old school Lo heads from the first wave, everybody that’s into the lo lifestyle has their personal favorites and grails. To some it’s anything with the Indian Head, others it was the Cookie, other still like myself, was all things P-Wing, RL2000 and all the Suicide joints. And it’s exciting and crazy to us that with this little thing of ours we can make clothes for an entirely brand new generation, literally brand new, with items inspired from a subculture that had such an impact on us growing up of which said culture is still thriving to this day.  As you have come to learn of us, you already know we stick to what we know and the things that we came up on as our inspirations for our collections and so it is with this collection: Lo and Behold.  Welcome to part 1 of multiple drops of what we’re sure to become some new favs for any of the parents where this will spark some nostalgia as well as any new parents who just appreciate the aesthetic and like the freshness of some timeless and classic designs reappropriated for their little g’s to enjoy.

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