‘Increase The Peace’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt (White)


This particular design was inspired by and taken directly from one of the walls in the classroom in the movie Boyz N The Hood (screenshot included). The scene in particular was where Trey was asked to step to the front of his class and teach a lesson.  Speaking of lessons…there are two major lessons that hit me like a brick…1) the imagery in the picture is so powerful, that although drawn by a child or made to emulate a child’s art, the topic and subject matter is oh so real and oh so grown, to think this was then and still is now, the reality of daily life to thousands of children all over the country is a sobering, awful fact of life.  2) that this is a movie which came out 26 years ago….26 years ago!!…and the image is still sooo relevant today, that one wouldn’t know looking at the picture alone, if this was a moment captured today or almost 3 decades ago.  This in and of itself speaks volumes to the timelessness of the story and movie, and also how important and relevant Boyz N The Hood still stands today!

Little Giants | Giant Shorties  x  Boyz N The Hood.


Now more than ever.

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  • 100% White Cotton Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
  • printed artwork on chest and both sleeves
  • sized 6months – 7/8yrs

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