Savant T-shirt (Black)


📖SAVANT: a person of profound or extensive learning; a learned scholar.📖

Confession #1…way back when we did our Gully Tee we actually designed and planned on doing a joint that simply said Savage on it as well, to drop jointly. It’s a term that’s made it to our common everyday lexicon, a word we have taken which started from a completely negative space and in our culture we’ve spun it to have a positive connotation of sorts to it, but something just didn’t sit right with me. As a POC, a new parent, and a man with knowledge of self, I couldn’t stop thinking how much this word (savage) has been used to describe us to justify the stereotypes placed on so many of us that we decided to 86 it. As parents we all naturally want our kids to do everything better than and be better than us in every aspect. We work hard and dedicate our lives to this end and it don’t matter how much of a G, how hard or how savage we may be as individuals…as parents, I know everyone of us would rather our Little Giants grow up to become Savants over becoming Savages. So therefore we have revisited this idea with a twist or better said with a scribble. Sometimes a positive message IS more gangsta than a negative one…this is one of those times.

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*100% Cotton Black T-Shirt

*Sizes: 6month  –  7/8years.

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