The Anti T-shirt (White)


If you’ve been keeping up with the streetwear world over the past 6 months there’s no denying that Neek has been killing it. Not only are all of his products constantly sold out the moment they drop, they’ve become pieces seen practically everywhere and lately on some of the most famous of people of our generation; namely Kanye and the Kardashian family. And although our little g’s are too small to join any social clubs there’s one club that they’re never to young to join…which we have affectionately nicknamed the ‘anti learning learning club’. Since we are born into this world we are indoctrinated and force fed certain half truths and lies that “THEY” have told us over and over again. All types of it constantly jammed into our minds since day one that it takes having to learn to unlearn the crap we have been force fed before we can learn to truly know the truths of things…hence this design.

Cheers to those that have taken the red pill!!

100% Cotton White T-Shirt with artwork on front and back. Available in sizes 6M-7/8.

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Parodies and “flips” have been a design staple of streetwear as far back as we can remember. Carrying on this tradition and following in the footsteps of many of our favorite brands, we present our take on the classic “flip”. As of late, most contemporary streetwear brands have focused their attention on parodies of the higher end and luxury labels ad nauseum. So we decided to flip the “flip” and inject our childish tongue-in-cheek attitude and youthful humor into the fold paying homage to our favorite streetwear brands by doing parodies of them instead!

Why should the grown ups get to have all the logo fun?…We want in!!

100% Cotton White T-Shirt with artwork on front and back. Available in sizes 6M – 9/10.

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