Life as a Shorty T-Shirt (Black)


Who wasn’t inspired by the Gods?!  Instead of going the parody route this time we had to just go with an actual quote/bar.  The joint has meaning on multiple levels and can mean a multitude things to many people.  If you grew up with the Wu, love the music or even if you’re just feeling the message in the line, this one’s for you.  Of course the normal ones would have taking the standard c.r.e.a.m. line and flipped it, but we had to go deeper and different. Peace to Shallah and the Inspectah! 

100% Cotton Black T-Shirt, white artwork & woven label. Available in sizes 6M – 9/10.

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We here at Little Giants | Giant Shorties have a deep love and admiration for street wear, and equally so for all of the various parts that came to together to make it what its now known to be. In our humble opinion, two of the pillars that laid the foundation of this thing we call Streetwear are Music and Skate/Surf culture. The LGGS founders were huge fans, grew up with and are products of both…in music for us it was mostly HipHop and in terms of Skate/Surf culture it was Skateboarding.

So we figured it was only right for our next batch of designs that we delve into the origins of street wear and have some logo fun with it. As we start periodically dropping our next designs, you’ll see us delving into these cultures and flipping and bouncing them as you know us to do. Some of these will resonate with you and stir nostalgia right away and some may be brand new to yall, we just hope you have as much fun and enjoy our take and tongue in cheek expression of them as we pay homage and salute the things that helped shape our youth and make us who we are.

Perfect for the summertime, this dope parody tee is available in black colorway and sizes 6M – 9/10.

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