LITerate T-shirt (White)


1) Able to read and write.
2) Having or showing knowledge of literature, writing, etc.; literary; well-read.

This is the 3rd in our current series, emphasizing substance over hype.  This one with a focus on literacy. The importance of reading and how critical it is for us as parents to teach our young the benefits and joy to be gained from reading is a priority that all of us should work towards daily in our homes.  Speaking for myself and so many of my peers… reading in the home was a thing only seen on TV.  It was something that was shunned by the homies, a thing that we considered lame and corny, and only for the so-called squares.   This has got to stop with us…we MUST infuse a love of learning into our youth!   We MUST make it a priority for them to know that they should enjoy learning and apply themselves in ALL of the ways that we may not have.  That it is something really dope to excel in and for them to think they will be rewarded with cool points just as much as they will be rewarded with good grades, by becoming proficient in and developing a love of reading.  We’ve got to reverse the negative stigma we’ve placed around reading.  We have to ensure they know that it’s LIT to be LITerate!!


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*100% Cotton White T-Shirt

*Sizes: 6 month  –  9/10 years.

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