Outside T-Shirt (Black)


Parents, let’s not forget that these little giants of ours are still growing children…let them simply Go OUTside and Play!!! Its like the act of Playing outside is becoming extinct and an unknown artform.  It’s not about the number of likes, how many followers, and what outfit or angle they should be posing for in a picture.  It should be about them interacting with the elements, learning and enjoying, dreaming and imagining, running and playing. Let’s stop teaching them, by our actions, to value what is on social media over what happens in real life, and let’s start showing them how much fun it is to actually play the old fashion way…device free and outside!!  If you know us you know we value hype and streetwear flips just as much as the next brand but even more so are trying to teach and embed something educational yet flee into our youngins. This is another one in that series. If this ruffled your feathers or made you tight…read it twice and then tomorrow, take them outside!! You’ll thanks us later.

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  • 100% Black Cotton T-Shirt
  • Artwork on chest of shirt
  • Available in sizes 6months  –  7/8 years

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