So Harlem T-Shirt (White)


SO…There’s a famous quote which is often overlooked but deep on so many levels…”Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” In this case the simplicity of the shirt is dope👌 and all that, BUT the true brilliance goes to @casanova_2x , who not only made an anthem for Brooklyn with the So Brooklyn song…but has single handedly created a movement with the #SoBrooklyn challenge that not only has people from cities all over repping their parts but has EVERYONE stepping up their pen game and focusing on LYRICS and DELIVERY!!
We were so inspired by his song, his work and the movement that’s been created from it that we wanted our little ones to participate in it the only way we know how.  And since we can’t spit bars, but we can produce shirts…we did so in small numbers to let the little g’s from various parts of the country not feel left out and have the ability to represent their cities and towns and join in with the grown ups as well.  There’s more coming, so if you don’t see your City now, just give us a few days and we’ll have more of them up and available.  Of course we couldn’t make one for every city where we have a following but more are def on the way (Jersey, Detroit, Miami, etc). Just hold tight and we got you.
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  • 100% White Cotton T-Shirt
  • Artwork on chest of shirt
  • Available in sizes 6months  –  7/8 years.

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