So So Giant T-shirt (White)


What many of you may or may not know, is that although we’re a Brooklyn based brand, our physical child as well as our second baby (this brand) were both born in the ATL. As a lover of hiphop, one must have an affinity and respect for what the South has contributed to (and continues to) the culture and cannon of HipHop.

This flip holds a special nostalgic value to us and takes us back to when the music scene and nightlife in Atlanta was like no where else in the world at the time. If you was around during that time you already know, nothing else needs to be said.  Regardless of where you was from, if you been to the A during that timeframe, you enjoyed your self and you know this feeling too.

This shirt is for your giant shawty.

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If there were only 2 pillars that makes the foundation of our brand they would be:  1) HipHop and 2) OG Skate/Streetwear.  And with that being said, we will forever pay homage and lovingly give nods towards those 2 subjects.

Always have, always will.  This design is a continuation thereof.

  • 100% White Cotton T-Shirt
  • Artwork on chest of shirt
  • Available in sizes 6months  –  9/10 years.

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