Wack President T-shirt (Heather)


MY PRESIDENT IS WACK!!! This statement pretty much sums it all up. Hip Hop’s definition of the word wack and what we have defined it to be is one of the best descriptors/adjectives to describe The Dotard that I could think of. I remember being in Atlanta in 08 when the song (where this design is inspired from) came out and being in a club full of ALL races, of ALL ethnicities and nationalities and recall us ALL singing this tune with happiness, pride and in a drunken glee, that we’re actively witnessing and being a part of history and felt like it meant something. I mean the whole club was rocking to and singing along. For that quick moment I remember thinking how far this country seemed to have come and what a beautiful sight it was to see. And here we are…roughly 9 years later and things seem to be getting worse and worse each day in every which way. The divisive nature, ignorance and hate coming from this person whose ruining, I mean “running” the country and his administration is appalling. This all still feels surreal in the worst of ways, and on the brink of this asshole starting a war along with all the other fuckery he’s helping to perpetuate…this shirt and it’s sentiment couldn’t be more on time. Thanks to everyone for their patience, their support and letting us vent out in a creative way that still allows us to support our families. One Dotard don’t stop the show and one Dotard wont stop us from being us!! It’s such a shame that this is the song our children will have to sing instead….🎼”My president is wack!!”

Now available.

Peace and Love y’all!

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  • 100% ringspun heather grey cotton t-shirt
  • Sizes: 6m – 7/8
  • Available while supplies last.

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