The Little g-Wing Windstoppa


Ok…so I could write a whole page about how dope this particular piece is.  Inspired by ‘Lo and the ‘Lo Lifes, the Little g-wing has been one of our favorite flips simply because the old P-Wing series was one of my favorite ‘Lo lines growing up…had some but always wanted the entire collection; it’s  shame how short lived it was.  The Big G’s had the P-Wing, and now the young dunns have the Little g-wing.  BUT…add a 3M Scotchlite reflective strip to the mix, a hidden pouch pocket and you get added functionality that makes it that much more Lit.

Look…if you appreciate the design and aesthetics you’ll cop.  If not, those who know will.  No shots, just know this one’s a gem and there’s no need for a hard sell.

Fits true to size, so if you’re worried about fit or want it to last a little longer for your little one, buy a size up on them please.

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The Windstoppa is our take on the traditional Windbreaker.  Dual lined, water resistant and so fresh I wish we made them in adult sizes.  Features Scotchlite 3M Reflective Strip and a hidden pouch.

Fits true to size so size up if you’re concerned.  Absolute 🔥fire🔥 for the 🍂 fall🍂 and❄️winter❄️.

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