U.F.O. Exo-Hard Shell Rain Poncho


🛸Undeniably Fly Object 🛸!! 👽Our Exo-Hard Shell Poncho is something from out of this world 👽!! Not your ordinary rain protection for your not so ordinary child.

PLEASE NOTE:  This item was designed to resemble materials used on space crafts.  Due to the heavy nature of the fabric… folds, dents and creases are expected and natural to the item and indeed are part of the intended look.  The item starts stiff and will take form and shape as it is worn and used.  No two pieces will look or shine alike and all will have different hues and colors.

*Hard Shell Rain Protection. Intergalactic Drip that keeps your little one as dry as space itself.

*Iridescent, Holographic & Out of this World, Magical.

*Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 (given the hard nature of the fabric it will not stretch, if concerned about sizing we suggest you size up.)

*Printed artwork on the chest and back

*Adjustable Wrists

*Taped zippers for extra rain resistance

*3m Reflective lining for safety and added visibility

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Poetic bars by a Gangsta (50 Cent)…from a classic album onto the back of a children’s ☔️ poncho?? Yup!!

That’s @wearelittlegiants in a nutshell…nothing less nothing more.

Every child needs protection from the rain…but not every child will have this as their Rain Poncho of choice.

Made strictly for the Waviest Ones and only in Limited Numbers comes our U.F.O. Exo-Hard Shell Rain Poncho.

Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, & 8

In stock, while supplies last.


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